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gettin’ back on the pitch this weekend after a two month injury…this video is what is preparing me for it. Is that bad? Also, must find a follow up badass once Ibra retires

mr. wickedly intriguing turned 1 today!

mr. wickedly intriguing turned 1 today!

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The best #Beatles cover I ever did see is by a baby :o) 

well, no point in me ever trying to cover this song after watching this…

objective of the week: learn how to play this song on the guitar


Beny Moré, “Como fué.”

Cuban musician Beny Moré died on this date at age 43 in 1963. 

que sabroso…a cover of this song in English would go so hard!



The A…the home of the trap & the home of real rap. Hometown reppin’

Red Hot Chili Peppers keep on jammin’ “I’m With You”!

gotta take a look at this, or more importantly, a listen.

New single by the funaklicious hard core rockin’ Houston based quartet! Album coming soooooon


You can now gift apps to others on Apple’s App Store in iOS 6, Google+ gets a bevy of new features, and The White House must provide an official response to a petition for the USA to build a Death Star. It’s all in today’s Daily Dose.

Government funded Death Star? That better be on the top of the priority list!

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RIP Ravi Shankar, sitar virtuoso

RIP Ravi Shankar, sitar virtuoso

love it!

(: i really dig her. plus her art for a change initiatives are exceptional.